Is $29 USD, one time charge? Is there any free trial available?

$29 USD billed once at the time of installation and its not refundable. There is not any free trial for this App.

After installing the App, where should I check in front end?

You can view Bulk Addtocart Collection Template by visit this URL in your browser >

How can I Assign Bulk Add to Cart Template to any Collection?

Go to Admin > Products > Collections & Choose any Collection then Select collection template as "collection.multiple-addtocart" then after click on save button like below window:

Custom design changes Lost After click on 'Install App Code' button.

When you Click on “Install App Code” button, then old files are deleted, and new files are created so whatever changes you have done in design part will be deleted permanently. Therefore, we have put an alert message when you click on “Install App Code” button.

Bulk Add to Cart App is not Working After Changing Theme.

After installation of our Bulk Add to Cart App, our App files are copied under your currently active theme. So when you change your theme, App files will not be there on that new theme. We suggest you to Go to Admin > Apps > Bulk Add to Cart > INSTALLATION / UNINSTALLATION tab. You will see below window:


Just choose your Theme from Dropdown then Click on Install App Code button.

How can I Uninstall App Files from Active Theme or Any other Theme?

App Files will not be removed after Uninstallation of the App. So, You can Uninstall App Code Files manually from your theme.

=> Go to Online Store > Themes and Select your Current Active Theme then Delete below files from specific folder one by one:

  • Folder: Templates → Filename: collection.multiple-addtocart.liquid

  • Folder: Snippets → Filename: multiaddtocart-list.liquid

  • Folder: Snippets → Filename: product-card-multiple-addtocart.liquid

  • Folder: Assets → Filename: multiple-addtocart.js

  • Folder: Assets → Filename: multiple-addtocart.css

  • Folder: Assets → Filename: multicart-noimg.png

  • Folder: Assets → Filename: multicart-icon.png

  • Folder: Assets → Filename: multiaddtocart-loader.gif

=> Go to Online Store > Themes and Select your Current Active Theme > then go to Locales folder and remove "Language Shortcode" from locale file i.e. "en.default.json".

Remove "cws_bulk_add_to_cart" whole JSON array from "en.default.json" file then click on "Save" button at top right corner!

NOTE: If you're not sure how to do this then you can contact us by drop an email at

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=> After Delete all files & Remove shortcode then just visit your storefront!

How can I change Bulk Add to Cart styles or Look?

You can change styles for the Bulk Add to Cart page for that just Go to your Online Stores > Themes > Actions > Edit Code > Assets > multiple-addtocart.css


You can do by Go to Admin > Apps > Bulk Add to Cart > General Settings like below window:

Here, Just change settings and save it!


(1) Go to Admin >> Active Theme >> Click on Edit languages then click on "Cws bulk add to cart" section.

Language Translation Settings

(2) From here, you can enter language specific texts in "Cws bulk add to cart" section and click on "save" button at top right corner!

Language Translations